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Fethiye, located at the point where the Mediterranean and Aegean meet, is the largest district of Muğla. It attracts thousands of people every year with its natural beauties, historical and cultural riches. There are many places worth seeing on your holiday accompanied by the most beautiful shades of blue and green. Thanks to the “Fethiye Travel Guide” we have prepared for you, you can spend your holiday to the fullest and return home with wonderful memories!


The first place that you will get advice about your holiday and that everyone will recommend to you will undoubtedly be Ölüdeniz. You will not realize how time flies on the beach, which is crowned with the blue flag and where you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun to the fullest. An unforgettable holiday awaits you thanks to the sea that will fascinate you with its deep blue and sparkling color. Kumburnu beach, which can be seen in all travel and holiday sites, will be a unique opportunity for those who want to have a family holiday due to its shallow sea. The late start of the place where the water deepens will allow your children to swim comfortably and reliably. In this way, you will enjoy a lot of sunbathing and tanning. Kumburnu part is paid and the fees for 2020 are as follows; Vehicle entrance is 25 TL, Full (1 person) 8 TL, Student 4 TL. Belcekiz beach will be an ideal place for those who want to swim in Ölüdeniz from a deeper, wavy and free place. You can enjoy the sea more comfortably by renting sun loungers or using your own umbrella and towels. Oludeniz, which is visited by millions of people every year due to its blue flag, continues to make a name for itself all over the world. For our guests who want to have a holiday in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, there are luxury villas in this region that you can reach very easily.

Activities to Do: There are many activities for adrenaline enthusiasts in Ölüdeniz. Various water sports, paragliding, etc. It has a great reputation in adrenaline-filled sports. By agreeing with the agencies here, you can leave yourself to the sky from Babadağ and watch the Ölüdeniz beach from the sky. You can also watch people parachuting from the beach. Those who want to participate in a quieter activity can rent a dolphin and canoe and sail towards the blue and organize a mini tour for a few hours towards the beauties of nature.


Paragliding, one of the most popular activities in Fethiye, has become the symbol of this place. Paragliding, which is performed by domestic and foreign tourists every year, is an indispensable activity for adrenaline enthusiasts. It will be an unforgettable moment for you to watch the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz from the sky by leaving yourself to the eye-catching blue in the company of professional instructors from Babadağ. There are many professional companies for our guests who want to do paragliding. During your visit to Ölüdeniz, you can meet these companies, negotiate with any place you want and embark on an adventure. In addition, being able to reach Babadağı with special safari vehicles creates a different excitement. You can be sure that you will return home with memories that will make everyone jealous by taking amazing photos and videos while gliding in the skies of Ölüdeniz. If you want to have a different experience and add color to your holiday, Fethiye paragliding will more than meet your expectations.


Known as Turkey’s hidden paradise and becoming an increasingly popular place, Faralya, also known as Uzunyurt, is a glamorous holiday destination that all holidaymakers visiting Fethiye visit at least once. Located at an altitude of 440 meters from the sea, Faralya has a magnificent view where blue and green tones dance. Besides its natural beauties, it also has a deep history. It is a highly preferred area for accommodation thanks to its proximity to the Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay and Ölüdeniz, as well as the ruins of Roman and Lycian civilizations within an area of ​​40 kilometers. Defying many world-famous venues, Faralya welcomes people every summer.

We recommend that you do not go to Fethiye without seeing the Oludeniz-Kabak Bay and Faralya trio. If you want to enjoy the peace, calmness and most importantly the magnificent sea view, which are indispensable for the summer months, our luxury villas in Faralya offer you the most comfortable service with their magnificent view. Every minute from sunrise to sunset will be the most perfect memory of your holiday, with a view that springs from the pages of fairy tales. During your stay here, you can enjoy Ölüdeniz and Kabak Bay or take a walk in nature. Don’t forget to hike to Butterfly Valley from Faralya!