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Many people know or learn just before boarding that there are certain requirements for cabin baggage or hand baggage. These rules, which are known as well as their names, especially by those who travel frequently by plane, can sometimes vary from one airline company to another. This, of course, makes it difficult to follow the rule differences. However, it would not be wrong to say that common conditions apply mostly to cabin baggage rules.

So what happens when these conditions are not met? Of course, there may be some sanctions set by the airline companies for their passengers who do not comply with the rules. Accordingly, situations such as paying additional fees for baggage, giving up carrying prohibited items in cabin baggage, or not being boarded at all may be encountered. Therefore, it is of great benefit to be aware of the cabin baggage rules of the airlines while preparing your baggage at home before the flight.

What is Cabin Baggage?

Cabin baggage, as the name suggests, defines the items that passengers who will travel by plane can take with them in the cabin. Accordingly, some items that can be considered as cabin baggage; It is possible to list women’s handbags, laptops, and a small suitcase suitable for cabin sizes. Such items can be kept with you during your journey or in the overhead locker on the row of your seat, provided that they are passed through the checkpoint.

On the other hand, we have already mentioned that there are conditions that must be complied with in hand luggage, as in luggage carried under the plane. Although it may seem boring at first to read the rules listed throughout the items, it will make your job easier to pay attention to these rules so that you do not have problems during the flight. Moreover, after a few flights, you can easily determine what you can put in your hand luggage and which items are objectionable.

Which Items Should Not Be Carried in Cabin Baggage?

airplanes; It is one of the most practical and safe options when going on vacation, visiting relatives or going from one city to another for business. In this case, whether it is a visit for a few days, weeks, or a day trip, it is quite normal to still need to take a few items with you. Are you sure that the items you decide to carry in your cabin baggage comply with the cabin baggage rules?

First of all, it is useful to pay attention to the items you will carry in your hand luggage consist of materials that you may need during the flight. In this way, you can easily reach the book you want to read during your travel, the cardigan you can wear when you are cold, through your hand luggage. On the other hand, for your travels for a few days, you can apply for hand luggage instead of carrying an oversized suitcase.

Thus, you can carry your hand luggage, which you only put a few items in, practically from place to place throughout your trip. In addition, it is important to make sure that the items you place in your hand luggage comply with the size, weight and safety restrictions. If you wish, let’s examine the main rules that fall into these restrictions together.

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Liquids That Don’t Meet Restrictions

Of course, you can carry liquid items in your cabin baggage. However, airline companies are very meticulous in this regard and subject materials such as cosmetics, liquid food products, shampoo, shaving foam to a certain limit. Accordingly, any liquid to be transported in the cabin must not exceed the 100 ml limit in one piece. It is stipulated that all liquid items should not exceed 1 liter in total. It is also important that items such as cosmetics are protected in a locked bag inside the cabin baggage.