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Fethiye beaches district of Muğla is among the most beautiful regions of the world with a hidden paradise in every corner. Fethiye, where millions of people come on vacation every year, is also famous for its beaches. The best beaches in Fethiye are a subject that will be curious about those who will come here for the first time this year.

Those who want to find the best beaches in Fethiye, a holiday paradise, want to find the best location in terms of sea, sand and sun. We have compiled recommendations for those who have decided to spend their holiday in Fethiye this year.

Turunç Koyu’s Best Beaches

According to many local and foreign authorities, Fethiye’s best beaches are located in Turunç Koyu. Known as Turunç Koyu beach, this beach has a calm sea even on the windiest day.

Turunç Koyu’s Beach, which received the title of the best beach in the world in 2008, offers a different beauty in every corner with its length, cleanliness, nature and vegetation.

best beaches in Fethiye

Which Beach to Go to in Fethiye?

There are many beaches and coves that can be entered in Turunç Bay. The most well-known of these is Turunç Pınarı Bay.

Turunç Pınarı Bay, which embodies the Yazz Collective brand, contains a hidden paradise. In this place, which can only be reached by yacht, an unspoiled ambiance, untouched nature, magnificent tastes, a calm sea, and a peaceful beach await you.

Make a Reservation at Fethiye Beaches

In the light of all this information, you can experience a dream holiday by making a reservation at Yazz Collective, which is the number one place among Fethiye beaches on the Turunç Bay’s coast.

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