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We recommend that you do not finish your holiday without tasting the local flavors of Fethiye, where you will see a synthesis of the culinary cultures of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions.

Let’s examine together the delicious dishes of the district, which has made its name known to the whole world with its natural beauties, in our list of local tastes of Fethiye.


1. Babadag Keşkeği

Babadağ Keskeği, which consists of a meat that is kept overnight and beaten well and meets with lamb meat, is among the dishes frequently consumed by the people of the region. If you wish, when you add fried butter, chili pepper and thyme to it, you can’t taste the keskek in Fethiye.

2. Ölemeç Soup

The soup, which is made by adding dough balls by adding finely chopped onions, ground pepper and water after boiling, ranks first among delicious starters with high nutritional value in Fethiye.

3. Basil Pastry

One of the things that should definitely take its place in our list of local flavors of Fethiye was basil pastry. Basin pastry, which is made by filling the dough in the consistency of bread made in the size of a tray, is prepared according to taste and preference and is among the foods frequently made in Fethiye villages. It goes well with freshly brewed tea

4. Meat Off

Those who eat the wonderfully flavored meat casserole, which is the result of slow cooking of cubed meat, become regulars of this dish. If you are going to travel to Muğla or Fethiye, we definitely recommend you to try it.

5. Tomatoes with Bulgur

This dish, in which finely chopped onions, green peppers and tomatoes are roasted and combined with bulgur, is among the favorite delicacies of the people of Fethiye. Try to eat the rice, to which some garlic is added during the cooking stage, by flavoring it with black pepper.

6. Eggplant with Bulgur

After adding boiled bulgur into the delicious stuffed stuffing, which is prepared by adding some tomatoes to the meat roasted in oil and onions, dried eggplants are nicely stuffed into it. The pleasure of eating these slowly cooked flavor bombs is priceless

7. Roasted Silcan Grass

Sılcan grass, a plant unique to Muğla, is one of the favorite grass varieties of Fethiye residents. The herb, which is a type of ivy, is cleaned and chopped, then roasted with olive oil and optionally, eggs are broken on it or consumed by mixing with yoghurt. If you are a light food lover, sillagrass is for you

8. Herb Grass Meal

Grass grass is a very popular type of grass recently. The plant, also known as wild leek, is optionally consumed and roasted with olive oil. We are sure that the herb, to which you can add onion, rice and tomato paste, will be more delicious when you eat it from the hands of aunts from Fethiye.

9. Roasted Yellow Grass

Another famous grass of Muğla Fethiye is yellow grass. It is not known whether it gets its name from the color of its stems or the yellow-colored water that comes out of boiling, but its flavor surprises many people. After being cleaned and boiled, it is fried in olive oil with onions and served with spices if desired. Yellow herb, which is known to be good for rheumatism, is one of the dishes that those who want to eat healthy should definitely taste in Fethiye.

10. Artichokes with Olive Oil

When talking about Fethiye cuisine, it is impossible not to mention artichokes. It will be a pleasure to taste the beauties of olive oil poured on seasonal vegetables roasted in olive oil and beautifully boiled artichokes in Fethiye weather.

If you like our article about Fethiye local delicacies and if there are other dishes you want us to add, you can add them in the comment section