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Fethiye Beaches’ Features

Yazz Collective Turunc Pinari Bay

Fethiye Beaches are literally a natural wonder. He wants to be here to enjoy the sea, sand and sun in this place, which is the choice of thousands of people every year. In Fethiye, where you can swim in many places, some places are especially the number one option for tourists.

Fethiye Beaches are the home of many creatures as well as being used to serve people. Another factor that increases the value given to the subject is that the management does not remain indifferent to this issue and opens the beach for use at certain hours.

Which is the best beach in Fethiye?

In Fethiye, where many local and foreign tourists come, according to many authorities, the most beautiful beach to visit is the beaches with the shores of Ölüdeniz. At this point, Ölüdeniz, which includes Yazz Collective’s beach, is in a structure that we can call one of the most beautiful beaches of both Turkey and the entire Aegean.

Turunç Pınarı Bay, where Yazz Collective is located, is one of the calmest and most beautiful areas of this region.

How to get to Fethiye Beaches?

For Fethiye Beaches, if you are coming from abroad, it is possible to arrive in Fethiye by various tour companies, private vehicles or public transportation after Muğla’s airport. If you are coming from Turkey, you can reach here by the method we mentioned after the plane journey or by bus travel.

When you arrive at Fethiye Beaches, the first thing you will probably search for is accommodation. There are many accommodation places close to the area. Because this place worth seeing, attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Located in Turunç Pınarı on the coast of Ölüdeniz, Yazz Collective can only be reached by boat.