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Fethiye’s world-famous holiday resort Ölüdeniz is a special region that offers a wonderful holiday experience with its unique natural beauty. Oludeniz beaches attract a lot of attention in the holiday resort where it is possible to witness the most beautiful shades of blue. Even though Ölüdeniz has the status of a town connected to Fethiye, there are many answers to the question of where to swim in Ölüdeniz. There are many options within the beaches of Ölüdeniz, offering both a calm environment and a fun and colorful concept. It is quite pleasant to cool off in the summer months on the beaches of Ölüdeniz, which has a beauty reminiscent of a postcard with its turquoise waters.

There are many alternatives for swimming in Ölüdeniz, where transportation is easily provided by road or by air via Dalaman Airport. Among the beaches of Oludeniz, the big Oludeniz central beaches, located in the center, come first. In addition, there are businesses in the untouched bays among the most beautiful beaches of Ölüdeniz. Oludeniz public beaches, preferred by those who enjoy the sea in Oludeniz bays, stand out as they are free of charge. Oludeniz beaches, on the other hand, are world-famous addresses, attracting serious attention during the summer months. The number of places to visit in Ölüdeniz is quite high in Fethiye, which is Turkey’s world-famous value in tourism, where history and nature are intertwined. Besides ancient cities, canyons and bays, Ölüdeniz’s beautiful beaches are the first choice of many people. In addition to swimming, these areas, where activities such as boat tours and options such as sea bike are offered, offer a very pleasant environment. Among the beaches of Ölüdeniz, the most popular one at the moment is Turunç Pınarı Bay.

Fethiye Oludeniz Beaches


Located in a completely hidden nature, Turunç Pınarı Bay offers a completely different peace and happiness with the Yazz Collective inside. You will find a magnificent nature, a wonderful sun and a calm sea in this bay, which awaits those who want to enjoy their holiday.
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