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Fethiye district of Muğla hosts beautiful coves and beaches for tent camping and sea vacations. These unique places such as Kabak Bay, Butterfly Valley and Daily Bay, which are an attraction center for many local and foreign tourists, have camping areas that appeal to every budget. In addition to tents and bungalows, Fethiye campgrounds, where caravan owners can also stay, are easily accessible and equipped to meet all requirements.

In this article, you will find places where you can stay in tents, caravans and bungalows at different prices in all other regions of Fethiye, and you will be able to read practical information about the facilities and transportation.

Oludeniz Beach Camping

A campsite by the sea on Ölüdeniz Beach. Right in front of you is the deep blue waters of the sea and a magnificent natural view behind you. This is a free camping area located in Fethiye’s Ölüdeniz holiday resort. Don’t be fooled by what we call free, although camping is prohibited, this place is preferred by many backpackers. However, you should set up your tent late at night and collect it early in the morning. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you’re woken up by the police patrolling the area.

There is a WC and a shower at the campsite, but it doesn’t work very well. You can get your food and drinks from the markets and restaurants close to the beach. Don’t even think about making fire and barbecue. Despite all the risks, camping here is one of the wishes of many people. If there is a slight wind in the air at night, sleeping with the sound of the waves will be a wonderful experience here. The beach area is clean and not stony. Those who wish can swim in the sea, go for a walk around.

Transportation to Ölüdeniz is very simple. Many minibuses depart from Fethiye district bus station to Ölüdeniz every other day. After getting off at the center of Ölüdeniz, you can go down to the beach after a few minutes of walking. Those who will come with their private vehicles can follow the direction of Göcek-Yaniklar and come to Ölüdeniz with the help of signs after passing Fethiye.

Camping Facilities: There are no facilities such as WC, electricity, shower and changing cabin. You can get your food and drinks from the markets or restaurants near the beach.

Darbogaz Bay Campground

Darboğaz, another bay area close to Gemile Bay, is approximately 22 km from Fethiye. The bay is remembered by the people of the region as one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye. Unfortunately, there is no driveway here. You will have to park your car at the nearest Gemile Bay and walk a pathway that takes about 15 minutes. The absence of the road relatively did not spoil the area. Camping in the bay area is free. You can also light your barbecue. The sea is clean, the bottom is a little stony. Its depth increases after a while. The beach area is stony.

If you choose this place for camping, you have to provide your food and drinks before you come to the area. In addition, you should not forget that there are no facilities such as WC, shower, changing cabin and sun loungers.

Camping Facilities: There are hiking trails and a swimming area. There are no facilities such as WC, electricity and shower. You can get your food and beverage needs from the grocery stores and markets in the settlements close to the camping area.