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One of the activities that can be preferred to spend time with nature is camping. The places where you can enjoy camping are natural beauties and areas where you can find plenty of greenery. Ölüdeniz town of Muğla is a corner of paradise with its natural beauties. There are also many places to visit in Ölüdeniz, which is a great stop for those who want to camp. If you want to get away from technology and use the opportunities that nature offers you, Ölüdeniz is at the top of the list of places to camp. There are many areas in Ölüdeniz camping areas where you can explore the beauties of the forest and use the beautiful sea of ​​the bays.

Places You Can Prefer For Camping In Ölüdeniz

There are various areas in Muğla Ölüdeniz where you can both camp and visit. If you want to benefit from the sea while camping, Ölüdeniz region is one of the most attractive places. There are paid and free camping areas in Ölüdeniz tent camping areas. While most of the places you can choose are paid, there are some free places. Some of the places among the Oludeniz camping areas;

Butterfly Valley: With its magnificent natural beauties and a beautiful beach you can use, Butterfly Valley is one of the perfect areas for camping. You can explore the environment by camping in the area, and add color to your holiday by using the beach. You can take your food and drinks with you when you go to this beautiful region where the waterfall is located. Since you may not find the products you need for camping in the area, you can be sure to take the necessary equipment and materials with you.
Ölüdeniz Nature Campground: One of the areas that comes to mind when camping is mentioned is in the forest. Nature Campground in Ölüdeniz is a forested area that you can choose from among Ölüdeniz camping areas. Pine trees and olive trees are common in this region within the forest. The width of the area where you can set up a tent is approximately 2 km. For this reason, you can find an area where you can set up your camp without difficulty and have a camping experience alone with nature.
Kabak Bay: Kabak Bay is a region where you can visit waterfalls and beaches. Ölüdeniz is located between the natural beauties and the camping areas. There are many different places to camp in the bay. Therefore, Kabak Bay is one of the best stops for camping with its diversity.
Oludeniz Beach surroundings: Among the Oludeniz camping areas, there is the beach surrounding the coastal part of the region. The campground is located in the eastern part of the beach. If you camp here, you can also enjoy the beach. Enjoy the sea or the sun. Located in the coastal area, this campground is among the free camping areas in Ölüdeniz.
Lycian Way: Another area among the Oludeniz camping areas is on the Lycian Way. This road stretches from Antalya to Fethiye and covers a very large area. Montana Hill, located on the road, is an area with Ölüdeniz view. You can camp near this place. Located among the Oludeniz camping areas, this region is covered with forests and offers the opportunity to camp with a beautiful view.
Darboğaz Bay: Darboğaz Bay, located in the Fethiye region, is considered among the cleanest and most beautiful bays of the region. You can reach the region, which stands out with its clean water and beautiful nature, with the help of boats. There is a path where you can take a walk in Darboğaz bay. Thanks to this road, you can take a walk in the bay and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauties. The campground is close to the beach. You can set up your camp on the beach for free. You can find places such as markets in the areas around the campsite and meet your needs here.
Katrancı Bay Nature Park: Katrancı Bay, where the greenery meets the waters, is a beautiful camping area connected to Fethiye. There are also areas where you can have a picnic in Katrancı Bay, where the beach is located. That’s why you can have a picnic and barbecue while camping here. Since forest areas cover a large area in Katrancı Bay, you can set up your camp in an area close to the interior of the forest. In this way, you will have the opportunity to camp in nature. You can also find many resources you may need in the region. The kiosks where you can take a shower, go to the toilet or meet your needs are located in Katrancı Bay. That’s why you can choose Katrancı Bay for a comfortable and fun camp.
Camp Caretta Camping Area: Camp Caretta is one of those with a unique nature accompanied by pine and orange trees. Accommodation in the campground is paid. You can travel comfortably as the camping area offers a wide area where you can find hot water.
Cennet Campground: You can find it on the Lycian road.