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Calis Beach

Calis Beach, a 10-minute drive from Fethiye Bay, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Kilometers of wide, sandy beach surrounds the bay and is home to many hotels, restaurants and gift shops.
Even on the hottest summer days, a refreshing summer breeze comes from the sea. While walking on the beach in the evening, the light show of the setting sun in Fethiye Bay with every shade of red should not be missed.

In addition, Calis beach is an ideal holiday destination for families. In addition to a quiet and reliable holiday, it is one of the only places that can be recommended to holidaymakers who want to do sports, as there are many water sports opportunities in summer.


Ölüdeniz is a neighborhood in the Fethiye district of Muğla province. Ölüdeniz beach was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world with eighty-two percent in 2006.

The district is quite developed in terms of tourism. The land of light and sun in the Lycians, known as the “Far Country” in the Middle Ages, is located on the Teke Peninsula in the southwest of Anatolia. It is one of the abalone (lagoon) formations in Turkey.

Ölüdeniz is a character name like a stagnant lake. While the shores of Belceğiz struggle with waves on the stormiest days, there are only ripples in Ölüdeniz.

However, Oludeniz, which seems to be stagnant, renews itself almost every day for three invisible reasons. The first of these is the intense spring water outlets in Ölüdeniz, and it creates a current from inside to the open sea at the bottom. Secondly, there is a continuous circulation in the open sea due to the salt difference created by these spring waters. Third, the sea rises and falls about half a meter every two or three days due to the tidal effect. This provides a large amount of seawater inflow and outflow.

Gemiler Island

The former name of Gemiler Island was Aya Nikola. There are church ruins on the island dating back to the early Christian period and the Byzantine Empire (5th to 11th centuries). The frescoes of the great church are in good condition. There are also cistern ruins on the sea shore. The most interesting relic is a tunnel connecting the two churches. Parts of the 500-meter tunnel are in ruins. There are 17 stops between the stairs in the tunnel and represent the 17 times waiting on the way when Jesus was crucified.

As a result of the earthquakes that took place in 240-241 years, some of the ruins on the coast were submerged. The sunken remains can be seen two meters deep in the sea.

Butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley is a natural treasure located within the borders of Ölüdeniz town in Fethiye district of Muğla province. Surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching 350 meters, the Valley takes its name from the more than 80 butterfly species it hosts, especially the Tiger butterfly. The waterfall, whose source is in the village of Faralya and pours into the Valley from a height of 50 meters, reaches the Mediterranean with a stream passing through the middle of the Valley.

Afkule Monastery

After a somewhat tiring but extraordinary forest walk, you won’t believe the view that comes your way. The endless blue of the Mediterranean, the eerie cliff beauty and the Hagios Eleftherios Monastery, known as Afkule, are definitely worth seeing. It is said that a monk named Eleftherios built this monastery because he preferred a way of life away from everyone. He carved rocks with simple tools and suffered a lifetime here.

Cennet Bay

Cennet Bay is the third bay after Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay in the Fethiye district of Muğla in southwest Turkey. Its original name, Balartlı Bay, was named Cennet Bay with its beauty and paradise-like nature by its visitors over time. Valley in unique nature surrounded by majestic mountains. It represents paradise with its turquoise sea and white sandy beach of the same beauty.